Basic Pedicure

     After soaking your feet in a footbath to soften your

     skin, we meticulously trim your nails and cuticles.

     Callus remover will then be applied to the rough

     areas & then scrubbed off with a pumice stone. We

     then massage your lower legs and feet followed by

     polish. $24


Active Pedicure

     Includes Basic pedicure with a salt scrub exfoliation

     to take away dry, dead skin while smoothing

     calluses. A tingling cooling lotion is used to awaken

     your feet. Great for athletes! $29

Reviving Pedicure

     Includes the Active pedicure with an additional

     cooling mint mask. Your feet will then be wrapped in

     hot towels as you receive a 5 minute neck/shoulder

     massage. $33


Nourishing Pedicure*

     Ideal for dry, cracked feet. After your feet are soaked

     in a milk bath and groomed, we exfoliate your calves

     & feet with natural sea salts that gently exfoliate to

     reveal silkier, glowing skin. A Deep Dermal

     Transforming Mask is then applied & wrapped in hot

     towels for ultra hydration. Lastly, an extended

     massage using a milk and honey butter crème will

     leave your feet feeling young, fresh, & beautiful. This

     pedicure comes with an additional hot stone and a 5

     minute neck/shoulder massage! $38


Blissful Pedicure*

     Ever changing, seasonal fun flavors uniquely

     designed for the current time of year to help you

     embrace or create delightful memories. Find out

     what flavor we have this month! This pedicure also

     comes with a hot stone massage and a

     complimentary 5 minute neck/shoulder massage. $40


“Rest Your Sole” Pedicure

     Designed to revive your hard working feet. Soak

     your feet in a Detoxifying Footbath. We then revamp

     your nails and cuticles to perfection. A Peppermint

     Sugar Scrub is next to refresh your legs & feet. To

     restore your feet, a Calming Mud Mask is applied &

     encased in hot towels. The Bleu Invigorating

     Massage is next to awaken the tired muscles.

     Following is an exhilarating Warming Bamboo and

     Hot Stone Massage used to increase circulation &

     soothe the feet. A therapeutic paraffin treatment

     concludes this exclusive pedicure that will have your

     body thanking you & Sole resurrected! This pedicure

     also comes with a complimentary 5 minute

     neck/shoulder massage! $50